December 2012

Words, words, words...

theocentrism: belief that God is central fact of existence
theocracy: government by priests or by religious law
theocrasy: mixture of religions; fitting other religions   into own
theodicy: defense of goodness in view of the existence of evil
theodidact: student of God; one who is taught by God
theodolite: surveying instrument for measuring angles
theody: hymn in praise of God
theogamy: marriage of gods
theogonic: accounting for the origin or presence of gods
theolepsy: seizure or possession by a god
theologaster: petty or shallow theologian
theologoumenon: theological statement as opposed to divine one
theomachy: war amongst or against the gods
theomancy: divination by means of oracles
theomania: belief that one is a god
theomastix: punisher of mortals sent by God; such a punishment