Dream 10.23.2011

I drempt that I was a librarian researcher affiliated with some kind of government agency or maybe several govt. agencies, though my dept. deals mostly with an x-files type group. One of my favorite agents?/a guy that seems nice is Cobb.
Some kind of portal/rip in time and space/something weird has appeared in the back of the library floor that I work on. Basically it's like an inverse of this world even in color since everything is in the negative. I accidentally stumble into the "opposite world" or maybe I only experience Cobb stumbling into the other world but there is a definite sense of evil/foreboding about it and I do think an evil entity that is making the opening between the worlds and I/Cobb thinks that there might be some plan for some kind of takeover?

Either way in the library I am having some kind of conflict with the head librarian because she is removing some of Rick Joyner's books on spiritual warfare that I've taken down as apart of the books requested by agents on ways to combat these weird happenings. The problem being of course that the other books aren't any more reputable or objective and it's obviously an anti-Christian bias, especially since I overhear her talking to another librarian in disparaging tones about Christians and their beliefs... but Scientology, voodoo, and greco-roman lore are okay and somehow more scientific and objective? The head librarian is one of the academic/artist, feminist types (Denim,  comfortable knits, over-sized shirts, crocs or birks, really dry heels, dangly artisan earrings, vaguely hippie fashion leanings but not always or mostly flattering, scraggly hair, always carrying an over-sized tote with books/research in it)

So Cobb comes back to explore the portal, wormhole, negative energy/whatever it is, and tells me and me and my companion librian (who also has beef with the head librarian but for her condescending attitude rather than any religious conflicts) not to tell anyone that he's left or where he's gone because Cobb's not sure who can be trusted. It SEEMS LIKE A FEW DAYS OR MAYBE ONLY A FEW HOURS I can't tell have gone by when Arthur, and agent close to Cobb, and a few other guys come to the library trying to find out more about the phenomenon and they notice that Cobb hasn't been seen for awhile. They start exploring the library and other govt. buildings? looking for Cobb. My friend and myself try to help them with ideas and strategies for dealing w/ the phenomenon and finding Cobb because he has been gone for awhile and we're beginning to worry as well. But it's an almost 40s/50s atmosphere and the agents who are mostly male are dismissive of our efforts even though as the agency librarians we do the most research and were probably the most well-informed ones of the group. The dream ends with my colleague and I frustrated and trying to help with ideas that will more than likely work and us being completely blocked/half-ignored by Arthur and his team.

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